April 5, 6 and 7, 2024 – 100% Online

Become a Sanergista and transform your life

Profession – Technique – Philosophy of life.
Heal with energies.

Sanergía is a scientifically supported technique, which unites the best of many techniques and disciplines to obtain 100% good results. It fits any profession. Everyone can learn it and practice it daily

Welcome to the first Sanergía Program in English!
April 5, 6 and 7, 2024
100% online

+2000 trained sanergists
Labor Exit - International Endorsement.

This training is for you if

Boost your profession with Sanergía! 🌟

Psychologists - Therapists - Coaches - Reikists - Yoga Teachers - Masseuses - Leaders - Doctors - Osteopaths - Chiropractors - Entrepreneurs - Trainers - Lawyers - Housewives - Engineers - Economists - Nutritionists - Administrative - ETC. All are compatible and benefit from Sanergía.

Discover how this powerful technique accelerates and improves your results, enriching and transforming your professional approach.

Who will provide the training?

Ale García Calvo - Director of Sanergía

Current Director of Sanergía, and Master of Masters, she has dedicated more than two decades to her career as a Counselor in Psychology, adopting a person-centered approach and becoming an expert Healing Coach. She discovered Sanergy unexpectedly and felt certain that it was what she needed to complete herself. She completed the Sanergía training 11 times, and since 2016, she continues the legacy of Alessandro Di Massi, expanding it throughout America. As of 2020, she leads Sanergía around the world, updating scientific discoveries and expanding education alongside her Sanergista Masters.

Danna Gleizer - Master Sanergista

My journey with Sanergía began in 2017- I experienced its magic and decided to become a Sanergista of my own. That very same year I became the youngest licensed Sanergista worldwide (at the time). Having always had a passion for helping others- I naturally went on to getting licensed as a Life Coach. All the while, I was completing my masters degree in Communications, I was also working with astrology and numerology. In 2023, I was able to pursue and become a Master Sanergista, which has only welcomed higher frequencies and elements to my life. As of April 2024, I will be giving the first Sanergía training in English, and I am beyond for what the future holds!


*It is authorized to take notes, record audio and, with the person's permission, photograph. All for personal use only.

What do those who were trained say?

Official Certification

A Sanergista Certificate with license number is sent. Sanergía is a technique recognized by APENB.
The Sanergista will receive an informative MANUAL with the complete and graphic content of the training, which they can use to practice.

You will also receive the psychological and metaphysical explanation of the causes of more than 900 energetic or emotional imbalances related to the physical body, syndromes and disorders, the sheets and the description of the Healing and Sanergetic Connection ® exercises.

The Sanergista will be able to practice from the first day after completing the training. You will be trained to offer your clients Sanergía® Sessions and Sanergetic ® Connections.

The Sanergía Program is an investment in yourself, your well-being and your future. You are one step away from unleashing your full potential and transforming your life into an extraordinary experience. ????

Prices and Payment Method

To carry out the Sanergía Training it is ESSENTIAL that you have previously made the Connection.
Ready to make a REAL CHANGE in your life? 🤩

Training + Connection

If you have never made a Sanergetic Connection, choose this plan.


in 3 interest-free installments

Sanergía Training

If you have already made a Sanergetic Connection then you do not need to repeat it.


or 3 interest-free installments

If you are already a Sanergista

If you have already taken this training and want to repeat it, then choose this plan.


To pay by Debit, Transfer or Cash, write to us!


No prior training is necessary. Everyone can do it. It is not only aimed at health professionals, no matter what activity you do. It always adds up, it is complementary. From 18 years old or 16 with parental authorization they can train.

The Sanergetic Connection is the most important session and is done only once in a lifetime, two consecutive days and less than 30 minutes each day. It connects you with your original design, your true essence, it restores harmony between the energy lines of our body and the energy network of the planet and the Universe. It allows us to advance in a state of balance, activating a continuous exchange of light and information, appropriate to each being. Increase brain activation, awaken a new DNA fiber, awaken your intuition, senses and creativity. 

Yes, all people who do the training must be previously connected. It is delusional to think that I am going to make connections to other people without having gone through the experience of what a connection is.

No, Sanergía is not limited only to situations of illness. It can also be applied to maintain an energy balance, prevent diseases and improve general well-being, but above all, continue with personal development and have access to infinite possibilities.

Of course yes, the connection is only made once in a lifetime and it connects you with your original design. You can communicate by WhatsApp to coordinate a date for your connection.

Yes, upon completing the training, you will be able to offer Sanergetic sessions and Sanergetic Connections. Many professionals have built successful careers based on Sanergía.

Yes, training can also be valuable for personal growth, improving your understanding of energy and the mind-body-spirit connection, even if you don't plan to pursue it professionally.

No, it is not necessary to have previous experience. The program is designed for everyone, regardless of experience or background.

Participants will receive a complete informative and graphic training manual, which includes psychological and metaphysical explanations of energy imbalances, sheets and descriptions of Healing and Sanergetic Connection exercises.

Yes, upon completion of the training, you will receive an official certificate and a complete manual that will enable you to offer Sanergetic Sessions and Sanergetic Connections from day one.

The training lasts 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), approximately 8 hours each day with intervals, and the lessons are structured in 3 modules with practical activities, scientific information and visual examples of all kinds.

Yes, we offer ongoing follow-up and support to ensure graduates feel supported in their Sanergy practice.

Sanergía is integrated in a complementary way with any therapeutic practice or medication, Sanergía only does good.

Sanergía optimizes the results of health professionals by helping to recover the balance and well-being of their clients, without the need to touch them, products or medications.

Although Sanergía takes parts of Reiki, Sanergía differs in being a technique with a new, higher vibration, incorporating the connection with the fifth dimension and contains the result of many other techniques.

First you have to have the connection made and attend the 3 days of training. A Sanergista Certificate is issued with a license number recognized by APENB (Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy and Biotherapy). This certificate will be sent in PDF by email upon completion.

Yes, Sanergía and connection are safe for pregnant women. In fact, it can be beneficial in promoting a healthy pregnancy and reducing the associated stress. And if you're already pregnant, you're doing your baby some good.

Sanergía always does good and we obtain wonderful results. All the Participants experience a significant transformation in their life and well-being after completing the program. Sanergía never harmed anyone.

Sanergía goes further by being not only a technique, but also a philosophy of life. Addresses more than 900 energetic and emotional imbalances, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach. Sanergía is the sum of the best of many techniques.

Of course, Sanergía adds to any therapy and is compatible with everyone. It accelerates and improves your results noticeably, in addition to being able to apply it in your personal life on a daily basis for your well-being.

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Pay with Paypal

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